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Island Tours

Want to see more historical and natural sights like forts, flora and fauna, waterfalls, villages and local life? We offer road tours with either set itineraries or tailor-made tours. 


Caribbean Beaches

Let us take you along the winding Caribbean coastal road to visit the charming fishing village of Castara and stopping off at picture-perfect Englishman’s Bay followed by a refreshing swim in the waterfall at Parlatuvier (you’re very likely to have it all to yourself!). – max 4 persons

Price: US$75 per person

Duration: half day from 9am-2pm

Includes: soft drinks + snacks


Full Day Island Tour

Sit back and let us show you around our entire island with fabulous beaches, quaint villages, stunning vistas from look out points, take a swim in the cooling natural fresh water pools of one of our waterfalls, and stop off for a tasty local lunch along the way. We continue up along the Caribbean coast to take in historical Bloody Bay, visit the northern-most fishing village of Charlotteville and pass through Speyside from where you can see the small islands of Little Tobago and Goat Island. 

Price: US$100 per person (max 4 persons)

Duration: full day from 9am-5pm

Includes: soft drinks and lunch



Birds and Wildlife

Visit a bird sanctuary and watch a variety of birds such as hummingbirds, motmots, tanagers and bananaquits fluttering all around you for feeding time followed by a visit to a wildlife conservation park to learn about our local species such as the egouti, armadillo, manicou as well as caymans and snakes. 

Price: US$80 per person (max 4 persons)

Duration: half-day from from 9am-1pm

Includes: soft drinks + snacks and entrance fees

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